This is the blog of Jon Newton, theologian, Pentecostal minister, former school principal and longtime believer in Jesus Christ.

I live in Sydney with my lovely wife of thirty years, Judy. I am the academic dean at Tabor College NSW, a multi-denominational charismatic Christian training college. I also have five great kids, all in their twenties, four boys in Mlebourne and one girl in Wodonga, Vic.

This blog is being set up to promote discussion on Christianity and postmodernism. I rcently received my PhD for a thesis called “Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation.” I have taught about Revelation, postmodernism New Age, and related topics.


One Response to “About”

  1. Jennifer Mowen Miara said


    I was looking at your website and realized you must know my uncle – Paul Mowen. We must be speaking of the same person only because your reference to him talking about a dog and a cow sounds like something he would say. So, if you could surprise him the next time you see him and tell him his neice from the United States said to say hello to you, I would greatly appreciate it.



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