Those nasty Christian are taking over Idol!!!

October 3, 2007

Never thought I’d write a headline like that. After all, Christians are against idols, aren’t they? But on Channel 7 tonight, we heard the ultimate conspiracy theory: Christians (namely Hillsong) have infiltrated Australian Idol (shame!) and maybe half of the remaining contestants are Christians who get voted in because of some kind of organized campaign (as if the others don’t have organized supporters).

Now of course, this somewhat light-weight piece was designed more to rubbish Idol (7 against 10) than Christians, but Hillsong-bashing is a great sport too!!!

Let’s have a few facts:

1. the two ‘idols’ most featured (Matt and Tarisai) actually go to my church, Shirelive//, which is a friend of Hillsong but not a branch.  And yes, we vote for them! I think Tarisai has the best voice on any Idol I’ve ever seen.

2. Guy Sebastian was not part of Hillsong when he won Idol; he came from Adelaide.

3. It’s the judges who seem to love Matt Corby and keep backing him, and I don’t think any of them go to Hillsong.

4. The Idol set up encourages organized voting, after all its helps ratings!

So when Christians organize, it’s wrong, a violation of church/state separation, the religious right are coming!, etc. Right?

At least one commentator on 7’s program had it right: Hillsong (and similar churches) train singers, musos , etc so you have to expect them to do well.

Now let’s get serious: we don’t want to turn great young Christian singers into idols! We need to pray for them to keep a sense of proportion and follow Jesus, not fame. May they be credible and vocal witnesses for Jesus in the Spirit’s power!


3 Responses to “Those nasty Christian are taking over Idol!!!”

  1. Mat said

    Didnt see the article Dad

    But I enjoyed the post ! It’s true

    and I didnt know both Matt and Tarisai both went to Shire live why the hell didnt you tell us previously u fool lol!!!

  2. Ben said

    Hey dad did you see Tarisai’s behaviour.. ouch.

  3. Jon Newton said

    She showed she has a lot of talent but not a lot of maturity. However, she had to withstand a lot of pressure being on Idol. Just proves my point about these young people needing our prayers bigtime!

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