Distinctives of Australian Christianity

September 9, 2007

Pastor Bobby Houston (Hillsong) spoke at my church this morning.  She said that Australia has become an oasis of encouragement to the worldwide church.

She identified certain distinctives of Australian Christianity (obviously based on her experience with Hillsong):

  • simplicity of approach to God and His kingdom, a refreshing release.
  • true mateship without agendas.
  • permission to be real, honest, relevant, forgiving and embracive.
  • honouring old wineskins but taking on new forms for the 21st cent.
  • not dismissing youth, but harnessing their energy and their wisdom.
  • singing a new song from the heart.
  • not ignoring women, but releasing and empowering them (the main point of her message).  e.g. Ps 68:11.

What do you think? I’d like some responses to these points.


4 Responses to “Distinctives of Australian Christianity”

  1. Hey Dad

    Rule #1 in blogging. If you want other people’s opinions provide your own first… hehe. It’s a springboard for discussion

    Anyway sounds like Bobby was spouting some self-congratulatory pap for the heck of it. Not saying it’s not true but what’s the practical value of saying it to a church buried in Sutherland Shire..?

    Sure it would be very relevant at a missions conference or pastors conference

    But imagine a lay-person hearing that.. I’d be like.. yeh.. cool.. man..

  2. Ben said

    Hey Dad
    I’d sorta agree with mat. It seems to be a very optimistic view of the position of the church in Australian society.
    ‘permission to be real, honest, relevant’ is an interesting and very big thing to say.
    however she has said a lot of things that I would agree with about my experience with people in churches in our country. While there are a lot of people and things that happen that are very disappointing, such as super-spirituality and the like, i feel like i have more freedom to do more than formal ministry, and in fact, i’m encouraged to do so! it may just be the change of local church or the development of my own perspective and the change in the global more postmodernist church or a combination, but I am optimistic about the future of Australia’s church, which is less tied down to some unhealthy aspects of tradition.
    i want to be a part of the future of church, so it helps to be excited about it! haha anyway hope that made sense. a bit of my two cents.

  3. Ben said

    hey dad
    ive started a different blog,
    it’s at http://www.benjaminties.blogspot.com
    hope you’re doing well 🙂

  4. Ben said

    hey dad,
    ben again, i’ve replied to your comment within the comments. 🙂

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