So who’s right then?

August 14, 2007

The second episode of Compass on Fundamentalists was chilling. Here we have Muslims, Jews, Christians all saying we’ve got the truth that everyone must follow- just because we say so? Or because we’re prepared to die or kill for it? No wonder secular people are saying, there’s something wrong here. After all, they (followers of religions) can’t all be right when they oppose and deny each other. Maybe a kind of postmodern relativist tolerance is called for. Trouble is, that’s in danger of going under in the face of militant Islam.

Somehow or other, as a Christian I’ve got to find a way to affirm the uniqueness of Christ as the Saviour of the whole world (Muslims, Buddhists, whoever) while reaching out to and accepting everyone in His name. After all, Jesus loves Muslims, Jews, Hindus, even atheists; He’s not interested in “control” or forcing absolute truth on them. Too often in the past Christian evangelism has been over-aggressive, intolerant, arrogant and very unChristlike. not at all like Paul who said “the love of Christ controls us..” (2 Cor.5:14).

Jesus is the answer but too often Christians have been the problem.


One Response to “So who’s right then?”

  1. Ben said

    spot on dad. it’s time we changed the secular perception of God through changing peoples perception of christians by changing ourselves.

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