Is religion evil?

July 15, 2007

Christopher Hitchens (author of the book “God is not great”) is on a personal crusade against all religion. For instance, in this weekend’s Australian, he blames religion for violence such as the recent terroritst attack in Glasgow. Now he has a point. Religion can motivate people to do bad things. But then so can non-religious ideologies (e.g. communism). So is the problem religion as such? Or is it rather false ideas about religion?

Religion is a highly charged and emotive aspect of human life because it is a central part of who we are.  Religious questions are hard to answer and often very divisive, but they will not go away. So we should encourage healthy debate and dialogue among people who follow different religions or none. We also need to listen to other people’s views and experiences in this field.

But ultimately we need some answers. We need to find Truth.  Jesus said, ” I am the Truth” and claimed to bear witness to the truth. Is he right or wrong? Jesus was also the only credible “religious” leader who claimed that he would die for the world’s sins and be raised from death.  If these claims are right, it changes everything.

You can’t duck the truth issues here. You must take a stand on one side or the other.


3 Responses to “Is religion evil?”

  1. Peter said

    So is that what you put in the letter you sent to the Australian? If not, it’d be interesting to read (if I don’t catch it in the paper!).

  2. Ben said

    i guess it’s the point of debate: whether Jesus was who he claimed to be.
    people can point their fingers at every religion they want, claiming connections to every tragedy, but really the point is that as humans, while loved by God, are imperfect and will always make mistakes. religious systems are most often not the problem, but im of the opinion that humans are the problem. how can you trust the human race to bring about peace by itself?
    if religion is intolerant of the irreligious, then in Hitchens’ case, the irreligious add fuel to the fire by being intolerant of the religious. there is a higher debate – who will cease to fight and will begin to love? i hope it’s the christians.
    -hope that made sense!

  3. Pete Aldin said

    “Religion can motivate people to do bad things. But then so can non-religious ideologies (e.g. communism).” Great point! Unfortunately the excesses and sins of all people religious and non-religious prove one of our “religion’s” central teachings: human beings are fundamentally flawed and capable of great evil and need redemption in some way…

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